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Decile Hub - Deal Tracking capabilities

I asked Decile Base about the deal tracking capabilities of Decile Hub and here's the response that I got:  Decile Hub offers a comprehensive deal tracking system. It includes a CRM with pre-configured templates for closing new investments and staying in touch with your community. Deal Memos can be completed by each team member and exported in PDF. The platform also provides data rooms with granular permissions and preview capability, allowing you to see every file someone viewed and how long they viewed each page. However, the ability to track quarterly or monthly updates from startups is currently not available but is being worked on. And my question here is if someone is aware of , even more and with details, the deal tracking capabilities of Decile Hub, when will Decile Hub have the ability to track quarterly and monthly updates ?

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As a manager, you need to reach out and secure updates from portfolio companies and prospective portfolio companies on a regular basis. Decile Hub has CRM tools to manage this easily. A release is currently being developed to automatical...


Will Hub be supporting any kind of cash flow forecasting at the fund level?

One of the biggest questions I have at all times is "How much money do I have in the fund for investments vs upcoming expenses, management fees, etc.?"  The current Decile Hub system of just showing a balance sheet doesn't give me any visibility into future fund admin costs coming, Management fees distributions, etc.  Especially if I am doing rolling closes and the amount of management fees due goes up with each new LP (for prior management fees).  It would be amazing to have a screen where I see forward cash requirements from the fund (admin expenses and management fees and any other budget fund level expenses) vs projected capital calls.  I am worried about running out of cash by investing too much and having to change my capital call structure to meet fees or costs.  I would really like this feature.