Will Hub be supporting any kind of cash flow forecasting at the fund level?

One of the biggest questions I have at all times is "How much money do I have in the fund for investments vs upcoming expenses, management fees, etc.?"  The current Decile Hub system of just showing a balance sheet doesn't give me any visibility into future fund admin costs coming, Management fees distributions, etc.  Especially if I am doing rolling closes and the amount of management fees due goes up with each new LP (for prior management fees).  It would be amazing to have a screen where I see forward cash requirements from the fund (admin expenses and management fees and any other budget fund level expenses) vs projected capital calls.  I am worried about running out of cash by investing too much and having to change my capital call structure to meet fees or costs.  I would really like this feature. 
You got it Martin. We'll mock up something for you to give feedback on within a week or two.
Jul 06, 2023 9:51pm
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