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Automate your VC Firm operations so you can focus on helping founders build a better future.

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Running a Venture Capital firm is complicated, and most VCs string together 10 different apps to do it. Each app is powerful, but they're disconnected, you need to configure every one, and you still don't have all the tools you need.

Decile Hub is an all-in-one tool for Venture Capitalists.

  • CRM, with pre-configured templates for closing new LPs, investments, teammate, and staying in touch with your community.
  • Deal Memos that can be completed by each member of your team and exported in PDF
  • Areas with granular permissions and preview capability. You can easily see every file somebody viewed, and how long they viewed each page.
  • PACT forms and digital signatures. Non-binding LOIs for investors to indicate that they want a position in your next fundraise.
  • Firm Admin tools to manage your capital accounts, portfolio, and automate capital calls and fund accounting

Invite Teammates

All your colleagues can work in Decile Hub alongside you, and you can set permissions to restrict what they can see.


Decile Hub protects your precious contact, capital account, and portfolio data. We do not share or look at your data. Your data is yours and you can export it all at any time.


You can connect Google to send emails right through your own Gmail account. We do not have access to your contacts, but if you want, we can send CRM email on your behalf.

Free with Invitation

Decile Hub is free to use, but you need an invitation code. Only our accelerator cohorts are currently receiving invitation codes. Go to the Decile Group homepage to learn more.