Obviously if someone says yes to a non-binding agreement it's no sure thing of actual closing (i understand the series of yes mentality and agree it's a good strategy - so i'm in!) What are best practices to have them come through when it's time to close (to up my % of closes from PACT?) -->  What's the time frame expected or typical for LPA and capital call (to manage their expectations and get that in the conversation)? [hub reports 12-18 months - but we've discussed 6 months in vc labs so would like clarification .. i know it's not black and white though and is how fast can i close/should i close and what can we do/what do you expect of us? I'm looking to close this by the end of the year! is that realistic? well idc i'm doing it anyway we have a world to impact with good ethical investing - also looking for what i may be missing and should watch out for to hit my goal - some of the unknown unknowns!!] Thanks!