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How can a VC fund manager generate the schedule K-1 forms for their limited partners in Decile Hub?

In the United States, venture funds are legally required to send each LP a schedule K-1 tax document every year by March 15, and many platforms (like AngelList) generate these documents automatically ( How does this work in Decile Hub?

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Enduring VC Firms work with specialized VC tax firms to produce documentation like K-1s for each of their LPs. It's very important that there is a separation between the tax firm and the fund administrator to reduce potential conflicts o...


What's the difference between base and net management fees?

Question came to mind after reviewing the accounting section of Decile Hub

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The difference would only come if there were offsetting fees that would reduce the base management fees. The base management fees would be calculated from what is stated within an LPA.

 -  Rob Del Prete