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Mar 01, 2024
In the deal emails management, you have the "1.b.2. Inbound inquiry added" template.
By default it is set to send this email to the Pipeline Prospect, which is absolutely wrong. I changed it manually to "Account Owner", but before that it sent this email to the guy that submitted the inbound offer. The language of this email suggests that it was meant to notify the VC and not the founder.
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Mar 03, 2024
Hi Boris, we will look into the root cause of this issue. I just looked in our default email templates and this template does not even exist... so I'm not sure how it got created in your account (much less created _wrongly_). Will do a little research and get back to you soon.
Accepted Answer
Mar 03, 2024
Update: The email template you're referencing was part of the previous iteration of the Deals pipeline. Thanks for raising the issue, apologies for the misconfiguration. This particular problem will no longer be an issue for newly created accounts, but other accounts created with your same cohort may have the same issue occur.

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