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I just opened a new Hub Account, what should I do as next steps for clean setup?

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Jan 12, 2024
This is even more robust than I expected! But there's a lot, since I am both a new manager and new to Decile Hub. What are some of the first things I should do for success?
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Jan 12, 2024
After opening a new Hub account, follow these steps for a clean setup:

  1. Connect your email account: Go to the Integrations page located under your profile picture (top right-hand corner). Click on 'Sign in with Google' or 'Sign in with Microsoft' and follow the instructions. This improves email deliverability and visibility.
  2. Set up your personal profile: Go to the 'Edit Profile' page located under your profile picture (top right-hand corner). Complete this profile as much as possible. Be sure to add your calendar URL as that will be very important for setting up meetings with LPs and Founders.
  3. Set up your firm profile: Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Firm' on the left-hand-side panel and fill out your Firm Profile. Here, you can also change your subdomain if needed. 
  4. Invite your team: Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Team' on the left-hand-side panel. Click on the 'Invite New Teammate' button in the top right corner. Fill in all the required fields and set the user's permissions using the permissions toggles.
  5. Test your setup: 
    1. Navigate to 'Fundraising' where you are automatically taken to 'Manage LPs'. 
    2. Click on the 'Add Prospect' button in the top right corner. 
    3. Here you will add yourself and a test email which you can do by adding '+test' to the end of your address: name+test@gmail.com. Click Save.
    4. You should see yourself pop up in the first stage called 'Added'. To see all stages, check the box 'Show all groups' above the 'Name' 'Search' objects. 
    5. In the fourth column you should see 'Send email', click that button and an email window will appear.
    6. Your test name should appear in the 'To' row.
    7. In the row 'Email template' select the first item in the drop down '1.1 Introduction: Hello'
    8. If anything shows up in red text then your firm or personal profile are incomplete. Ask Decile Base on how to update that, for example, if you see 'global.fund_thesis' in red, then you are missing a thesis so you will ask Decile Base "Where can I add my Thesis?"
    9. If everything looks good, Press 'Send Email'
    10. In your inbox, you should an email from yourself. If anything looks off or you did not receive the email, please post your question to the Hub Support Channel on Decile Base
  6. Import your contacts: If you have a large external list of prospects, use the import tool to import contacts from a CSV file into Decile Hub. You can import people into the People Directory or a specific pipeline.
  7. Upload a Deck: Click on the blue '+' in the bottom right corner, and then select 'Upload Files'. You can either browse for the file on your computer, or if the folder is already open, you can simply drag and drop the deck file onto the Decile Hub screen. 

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