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How can Decile Base AI be used within Decile Hub?

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Jan 12, 2024
I see that Decile Base is integrated with Decile Hub, What are some best practices for utilizing the AI within the platform?
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Jan 12, 2024
Decile Base can provide answers on a variety of topics related to using Decile Hub, including:

Some starter questions to help your experience from within your account:

At a high level see what it can do for you, with something like "What can I ask here?"

Decile Base can support you within hub in a number of capacities:
  1. Functionality: Decile Base can explain the various tools and features available in Decile Hub, such as CRM, data rooms, digital signing, deal tracking, and back-office tools.
  2. Data Import: Decile Base can guide you on how to import data into Decile Hub, such as exporting a CSV from Airtable and then importing it into Hub.
  3. Tutorials: Decile Base can direct you to tutorial videos and support answers for using Decile Hub.
  4. Additional Services: Decile Base can provide information on additional services available to Decile Start, Decile Launch, and Decile Partners members and how to access them.
  5. Signature Process: Decile Base can explain how and where Decile Hub manages the signature process for PACTs, LPAs, term-sheets, and more signature functions.
  6. Investment Inquiries: Decile Base can guide you on how to make investment inquiries through Decile Hub.
  7. Access and Permissions: Decile Base can answer questions about accessing Decile Hub, connecting new users, and managing permissions.
  8. Deal Review: Providing information about a potential deal, Decile Base can help evaluate and provide some considerations for negotiation if needed.
  9. Feature Requests: Decile Base can direct you to the appropriate channel to share feature requests for Decile Hub.

From here you can go deeper with specific needs:
  • Email Support: "Can you help me draft an email to Venture Partners?"
  • Import Support: "I'm migrating my LPs and Deals from Airtable, how should I proceed for importing that data to my Fundraising and Deals Pipelines?"
  • Platform Setup: "How do I add an email signature to my account?"
  • Platform Guidance: "How do I use Hub to manage LPs?"
  • Platform Growth: "What are the next steps for a new manager?"
  • Offer Support: "Say you have 2 offers: Offer 1: Pre-Money Value of $10 million, $5 million investment, 10% Post-Money Option Pool OR Offer 2: Pre-Money Value of $11 million, $5 million investment, 20% Post-Money Option Pool.  Which is the “better” offer for the founders and can you explain why conceptually and mathematically??

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