What is the Best Way to Introduce Me to a Potential LP: A) Forwarded Email, B) Drafted Intro Email, or C) Let Them Write Their Own?

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May 03, 2023
If someone wants to introduce me to a potential LP, do you suggest a) sending them a short email that they can forward to that LP or b) drafting for them a short intro email they can send themselves, or c) let them write their own email to the LP?
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May 03, 2023
You need to write a short forwardable email
Accepted Answer
May 06, 2023
In any case it is important to keep in mind the general solicitation rules in the jurisdictions the manager is reaching out to investors. In the U.S. for Reg D offerings unless the fund is complying with Rule 506(c), managers should ensure that anyone acting on behalf of the fund does not send out emails to groups in a manner that may constitute general solicitation.  General guidance is that managers should solicit for investment only those persons they have a pre-existing relationship substantive enough to evaluate that such person is an accredited investor.

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