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The PACT landing page does not give LPs a chance to preview the document they are about to sign. This is causing friction for potential LPs, and some are printing the PACT on paper and returning that. Is there a way for me to customize my landing page so the LP a chance to enter the level of commitment and contact info, to populate the PACT letter; and then allow them to see what they're signing?

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Jan 23, 2024
Will this process be updated in the future?
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Jan 24, 2024
In the current process that is what is already happening:

  1. An LP will select their level of commitment
    1. You set these amounts within "PACT Settings" Either through the PACT amount module, or through the "generation of a custom PACT link" button.
  2. They will then provide their contact info and select if they are investing as an individual, an entity, a trust, or joint tenants
  3. Following this will be a full review of the PACT agreement which is presented before the LP clicks "Yes, I agree to the terms of the Commitment Letter"

Accepted Answer
Jan 24, 2024
That's by design. You first select your interest level, then you sign the document. Work through the PACT workflow yourself because it's pretty straight forward. They can't sign without reading the document, which is the 2nd step. So, just respond with something like this in your own words:

After you select your interest level, you will be promoted to view and sign the PACT agreement. 

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