How can I have an external user upload files to a dataroom

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Mar 08, 2024
How can I have an external user upload files to a dataroom?

If this is not currently a feature it should be seriously considered for a near future enhancement. I've heard Adeo talk about the enhanced security of
other Decile Hub features that replaced the need to send email. Uploading files to a deal room should be in that same category considering that
sensitive information for due diligence will need to be sent to funds via email until this feature is implemented.
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Accepted Answer
May 05, 2024
Currently, external users cannot directly upload files to a Decile Hub data room. If you need an external user to contribute a file, they would need to send it to an internal user who could then upload it to the Data Room. However, your suggestion for allowing external users to upload files directly to a data room is valuable and has been noted for potential future enhancements. For now, sensitive information should be securely shared via email, or other secure methods, before being uploaded to the data room.

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