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Does decile hub automatically update valuation information across different funds on the platform that are invested in the same company?

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Dec 02, 2023
Does Decile Hub automatically update valuations across funds invested in the same company? Ie: if fund A using Decile Hub as an admin platform updates the valuation of company A to X, will Decile Hub prompt fund B to update company A's valuation to X or, perhaps, automatically update the valuation? 

If it would it be a bad idea to standardize the valuation of a company across investors on the platform, why?
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Dec 02, 2023
Not yet. There are several privacy, ethical and business issues with this approach that would need to resolved before rolling a feature like this out. For example, the portfolio company many not want this to occur because they typically want to control this information. Also, though there is standardization with regards to the valuation policies of Decile Partner firms, that's not the case for other firms.

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