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Jul 10, 2023
Week 4 sprint asks for rockstar fast growing deals to warehouse. If a fund's focus is seed or pre-seed, i. e. before any or significant traction, how should one think about the definition of "fast growing rockstar deals"?
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Jul 12, 2023
"Rockstar" companies at the angel or pre seed stage are identified by their ability to quickly raise a subsequent round of funding. Since companies at this stage may not have any business or product traction, the ability to raise subsequent rounds can be evaluated by (1) the pedigree of the Founder or founding team, (2) the quality of the accelerator or program that the startup has been through, (3) the popularity of the market that the startup is addressing, (4) the demand by other investors to participate in the current round, and (5) pre selling the next round to later stage investors and having initial signs of interest.

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