How do fund expenses work with the fund expense cap as set in the LPA?

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May 03, 2023
We have budgeted 100k for fund expenses from our LPs. When we do the call for 2.5M do we also call for the fund expenses? How much do we call? 10% of the 100k since it’s 10% of the fund? Or do we call the full 100k and then not charge that group of investors in the future?
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May 03, 2023
As a fund, you just call a percentage, and then you allocate the money for different expenses and returns in Capital Accounts for the investors. So, in a $10 MM fund, if you call 20%, or $2 MM, then you start to allocate that $2 MM. 3% is allocated to management fees. $100K may be allocated to Organizational Expenses, depending on what you spend The Organizational Expense Cap is a limit based on spending, and the type of spending that can be allocated to the Organizational Expense bucket is defined in the LPA. So, you may end up spending $62,000 on Organizational Expenses, which is below the cap. Organizational Expenses get allocated pro rata in the Capital Accounts of each investor. So, if 10 investors each contribute $200K to the first close, each would be allocated $6,200 of Organizational Expenses. This amount will go down per investor as more investors commit capital in subsequent closing and capital calls. So basically, should our first capital call be for 2,600,000 (2.5M + 100k) 2,510,000 (2.5M + 10k)
Accepted Answer
Jul 31, 2023
Generally speaking, fund expenses will be allocated from the capital called from the limited partners (there is no separate call in any way) - please read this for more information:


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