When investing in a startup, what should my Fund's signature block look like?

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Jul 12, 2023
I have already reached a first close on my fund and now want to invest into startups - how should I sign the investment documents on behalf of my Fund? 
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Jul 12, 2023
It's generally important for a fund manager to sign investment agreements with the correct signature block - it's especially important for the signature block to reference the correct Fund name, as well as it's General Partner and Management Company, in most cases. This will avoid annoying cleanup later, as these types of errors will be caught at the latest when/if the startup gets to a priced round and is working with counsel, or is undergoing due diligence or an audit. 

For Funds working with Decile Partners, the signature should appear as the following (for Delaware domiciled funds, as an example):

Full Fund Name, LP
By: Full General Partner Name, LLC, its General Partner
By: Full Management Company Name, LLC, its Manager

By: _____________________________
Name: Fund Manager Name
Title: Managing Partner

Refer to your Fund's legal agreements for more details - fund managers often have the correct signature block on a Word or PDF document and simply send it to startups during the signing process to ensure that it is correct. Counsel will typically insist that the signature block is correct or they will not approve for signing. It is also just a good habit to get into.  

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