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What slides are needed in a fund presentation?

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Dec 04, 2023
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Dec 04, 2023
Below is a list of the different slides needed in a standard fund presentation. We recommend that you follow the guidelines exactly to build the early versions of the deck, then refine the presentation with feedback from pitching LPs.

  • Title: Displays the name of the fund, date of last update, and contact information of key individuals.
  • Thesis: Provides the one sentence investment Thesis.
  • Team: Introduces Managing Partners with a picture and three short bullets on each.
  • Team (Continued): Introduces Partners and Venture Partners with a picture and three short bullets on each.
  • Value Add: Describes the unique value that the fund offers to portfolio companies to generate LP returns.
  • Market: Demonstrates the market attractiveness through a simple chart, table, or statistic.
  • Track Record: Showcases 1-3 relevant deals with logos, few word descriptions, value added, and markup achieved.
  • Pipeline: Highlights 1-3 potential deals by sharing a general overview of the company without sharing specifics.
  • Allocation: Tabulates the number of deals by stage along with estimated investment, valuation, and ownership details.
  • Returns: Exhibits anticipated returns from hypothetical portfolio companies categorized by exit sizes.
  • Liquidity: Illustrates up to three projected fund outcome scenarios using multiple or IRR, possibly through a pie chart.
  • Economics: Provides a table outlining fund economic terms like Minimum Investment Amount, Management Fees, and Carried Interest.
  • Thank You: Provides the fund's tagline, target closing date, and contact information for the General Partners.
  • Disclaimer: Contains legal disclaimers to mitigate liability.

  • Deal Warehouse: Highlights 1-5 completed deals that will be transferred into the fund with company logos, brief descriptions, relevance to thesis, and investment terms.
  • Strategy: Describes how you will access the market for the best returns.
  • Operations: Explains any unique operational processes or systems.
  • Competition: Identifies relevant firms focused on the same markets with differentiation points.
  • Partners: A list of partners, possible as a logo pile, to improve the credibility of the fund.
  • Advantages: A list of items that help the fund to stand out.
  • Appendix: Houses updated old slides or additional research and data pertinent to the market segment.

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