What should we do with LPs who have signed a PACT with their name, but have now told us they want to use an LLC for the investment?

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May 23, 2023
Do we pre-fill the LPA with the LLC name or is it easy for them to do it after we send the LPA?”

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Accepted Answer
May 23, 2023
There are two solutions if you encounter an LP who would like to sign the LPA with a different name/entity than their pipeline prospect entry:

  1. You can add their entity (e.g. LLC) to the "Organizations" directory and then add that LLC as a Capital Account (e.g. Closing pipeline)
  2. You can add the Individual who signed the PACT as a Capital Account.

Either way, the person who receives the email will have an option to modify their data before signing the LPA. If they get an email as an "individual", they will have the option to switch to an entity on the first page of the LP Onboarding questionnaire. 

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