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Can I promote my fund on podcasts with crossing the boundaries of general solicitation?

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May 03, 2023
I host 2 podcasts where I have both listeners and guests who could be LPs and/or part of our deal pipeline. What's the best way to communicate my 'fund to be' without crossing any boundaries?

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Accepted Answer
May 03, 2023
TL:DR - it's difficult, and we always recommend erring on the side of following regulations. Read the following:


Here are a few things that you should avoid mentioning just to be safe:
  • Your fund’s name, thesis or fund size, or the fact that you are raising a fund
  • Your fund’s strategy
  • Your one sentence pitch
You may be able to carefully talk about: 
  • Your background
  • The types of companies/founders that you personally are interested in investing in and why
  • Market inefficiencies that you see

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