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What is the ideal first close target size for funds?

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May 03, 2023
Question about the target size of the first close: our plan was to hold a first close at the $2.5M (25%) commitment level. We have heard Mike and Adeo mention a 10% level several times. What is the current best practice for nano funds such as ours?
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Accepted Answer
May 03, 2023
VC Lab and Decile Partners strongly recommend the following:
  • 10% is the minimum first close target size for funds that are $10m or larger. 
  • 20% is the minimum first close target size for funds under $10m
The key is to get the fund operational and to be able to fund its warehoused deals. Sometimes a fund may have to do a smaller 1st close of just shy of 10% so that it can get operational. If the choice is between being operational and reaching the desired amount, being operational is by far the most important (if within striking distance).

Attempting to do a first close significantly under these targets (particularly for a fund under $10M), may leave a fund unable to pay organization expenses and/or fund warehoused deals (to say nothing of deploying capital or how LPs might view things).

TL:DR - don't do it. 

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