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Any idea on how a fund in the Netherlands would acquire another fund in Delaware? How would you roll over the portfolio companies and LPs?

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Dec 07, 2023
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Feb 21, 2024
Generally speaking, funds do not acquire other funds, especially across different countries/jurisdictions. 

This is not to say it never happens, but it is fraught with jurisdictional, regulatory and legal hurdles. A company acquiring another company in another jurisdiction is already complicated enough - a fund acquiring a fund in like fashion would likely be an order of magnitude more complex (if possible).

For one example of complexity, any LPs in the fund being acquired would presumably (probably rightfully) consider a proposed acquisition to be a material event. It is likely that per the terms of the LPA, each LP must consent and be given the opportunity to withdraw from the fund altogether, depending on the specific circumstances.

We recommend discussing the feasibility of such a proposal with experienced counsel in both jurisdictions, should you have any further questions - note that this would probably require the efforts of speveral 

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