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What was released for Decile Hub in the week ending February 2nd, 2024

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Feb 02, 2024
First Iteration of Release Notes for the Decile Hub VC platform: Subscribe to this channel to be notified of all future release notes.

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Feb 02, 2024

Updates to the platform v24.2.2:

  • [Pipelines] Your Pipelines in Decile Hub now have some great new advancements with regard to data of each prospect.
    • Adding a new data point to a prospect can now be enabled to show as a column for quick overview of that data for all of your prospects.
    • These custom data points can be moved anywhere in the column stack depending on your viewing preference.
  • [Back Office] Decile Partners have a new investible capital dashboard available in your Back Office under "Fund Overview."
    • If you would like access to Back Office in your Hub please schedule a call with a partner.
  • [Logging In] Decile Hub, Decile Pro, Decile Base now uses a single sign. 
    • If you have both a Hub and Pro account under the same email, your Hub login is now used for Decile Pro.
    • If you have a Pro account, you can now post to Decile Base with that account.
    • If you have neither a Decile Hub or Decile Pro account, you can now sign up to the Decile Base community for free.
  • [Decile Base] We are increasing the functionality of Decile Base to provide more opportunity to further enable the community. 
    • Released this week: @mention an individual to send them a notification to their personal decile hub and email depending on their notification settings. 
  • [Forms] While a lesser used corner of the system, forms are increasingly more powerful and flexible than what was available at the end of the year.
    • Agreements where a single signature is needed are being built as templates: reach out to your partner to get early access to these agreement builders.
    • Electronic signatures directly within hub. For these single signature events, similar to your PACT signing process, an electronic signature can be captured directly from the Decile Hub Platform. Multi signatures coming soon!
    • Fields for your custom forms can be used to capture and populate data for any person or organization within your Hub platform. No more need to export form responses and join manually, we do that for you! 
      • Company submissions can populate their own details for data which is important to your diligence. This is carried with the organization through your workflow
      • Surveys and questionnaires to be sent to any person or organization for information gathering on feedback or other
      • Collaboration, Diligence with outside individuals. Sending a questionnaire to an individual who has experience relevant to the current focus of your diligence process can populate data. 
This will be a continuing weekly series. If you have questions, ask them in the relevant week rather than starting a new question. Or reference the relevant week in the Using Decile Hub Channel

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